Fiberglass Pools from B & G Builders The Perfect Choice for a Lifetime of Enjoyment in Your Back Yard

B & G Builders specializes in selling, delivering, installing, servicing, and repairing in-ground fiberglass pools throughout Durham, NC and the Triangle area. With our focus on total quality, we are proud to feature fiberglass in-ground pools by Trilogy Pools, producers of the most innovative, stylish, and durable fiberglass pools available. We have been offering these Trilogy one-piece fiberglass pools for over 10 years, and we provide a range of shapes and sizes with a long list of custom options.

There are many advantages to fiberglass in-ground pools, starting with the incredible durability of fiberglass: in fact, with B & G’s expert installation and service, a fiberglass pool from Trilogy will last through decades of use without the need to replace a liner. Fiberglass pools are perfect for those seeking modern, freeform, curving pool walls in shapes such as kidney bean, lagoon, oval, and many others. Our Trilogy fiberglass in-ground pools come in a range of classic and rectangular shapes as well.

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